Energy Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals


Offshore operating risks, physical damage and business interruption,

  • Offshore and Onshore Drilling Contractors.
  • Limited Offshore Construction.
  • Third Party legal liabilities where part of a package.
  • Selected Control of Well programmes.


Onshore operating risks, physical damage and business interruption,

  • Gas Plants/Facilities.
  • Refining Operations.
  • Storage Facilities/Tank Farms etc.
  • Onshore Pipelines.

Power and Water

  • Property Damage.
  • Business Interruption / Contingent Business Interruption.
  • Machinery Breakdown.
  • Construction.
  • Third Party & Excess Liability.
  • Delay in Start-Up.


  • Hull & Machinery.
  • Marine Liability.
  • P & I.
  • Small Craft.
  • Marine Builders Risk.
  • Private Yachts.
  • Marine Cargo.
  • War Risk.


  • All cargo during transit by sea, air, land or parcel post.
  • All risk and third party coverage, against accidental physical loss and/or damage
  • Marine cargo
  • Exports, imports & inland transit
  • Freight forwarders
  • Motor carrier
  • Logistic service providers & freight brokers

Aviation & Airports

  • Aviation General Liability.
  • Aircraft Hull & Liability.
  • War Risk.
  • Airfreight Cargo.
  • G.A. Airport Operators.
  • Aviation Products & Completed Operations Liability.
  • Aviation Workers Compensation.
  • Crew P.A.
  • Pilots Loss of License.
  • Private Jets.


  • Fuel & Chemical Trucks.
  • Rail Road Transportation.
  • Pollution Liability.

Construction and Engineering


  • Third party liability.
  • Delay in start-up.
  • Construction professional liability.
  • Environmental liability.
  • Latent defects.
  • Inherent Defect / Decennial Liability.
  • Non-damage delays.
  • Contractors ‘all risks’.
  • Contractors Indemnity.
  • Individual Project Insurance.
  • Construction EL.
  • Construction PL.
  • Construction Fleet.


  • Plant (owned and/or hired-in)
  • Electronic equipment.
  • Computer.
  • Machinery movement.
  • Contract works machinery.
  • Contract works construction.

Residual Value

Residual Value Insurance (RVI) coverage can be considered on a diversified range of assets with proven longevity. These include commercial vessels and offshore assets, helicopters, and fixed wing aircraft and other transportation assets, yellow goods, construction equipment, mining equipment and certain types of commercial property.

Specie Lines

The primary focus of this account is the art and jewelry trades, the armoured car industry and financial institution-related premises and transit risks.

Risk Pool Management

  • Terrorism Pool Management.
  • Aviation Pool Management.
  • Nuclear Pool Management.
  • P & I Club Management.